Leading academic Dr Richard Gray has posted a very thoughtful review of The Marmalade Shore on Amazon, comparing it positively with Eoin Colfer's hugely-successful Artemis Fowl.

Exciting Ginger Romp

"For a first novel Mr Tammar has crafted a literary work of some style and imagination. The Marmalade Shore is a fast paced fantasy set in a parallel world of feline superiority replete with fizzy milk and mouse a la mode. Rolling from country to city and convertible to dirigible we are pulled along with Orange and Bryan on a fateful quest to save the world. With nuanced characters, a meticulously realised alternative universe, and subtle humour this book deserves to be a cult classic. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride."

~ D. Finn (Portland, OR) on

Refreshingly original

"Make the necessary leap of consciousness to enter Orange's realm and you will be amply rewarded. This is a ground breaking book of true originality. Tammar's sense of the ridiculous and the profoundly poignant put this novel in a class of its own.

"At its heart The Marmalade Shore is about a gifted and sensitive individual trying to make sense of a mad world, a world in which you will find uncanny resonances of the quirks and hypocrisies of human behaviour. Perhaps this is what makes the characters seem so believable.

"For the above reasons it might be worth pointing out that it is not essential to be a cat lover to enjoy this book. The author has a gift for creating atmosphere, vivid characterisation and evocatively drawn landscapes, woven together with a wicked sense of humour and outrageously inventive writing.

"Complemented as it is by delightful illustrations, one might be tempted to think this novel is strictly for older children or young teens. However, it will equally be appreciated by adults as its subtleties work on many levels. I shouldn't be surprised if it achieves cult status."

~ Jan Grunewald (Middlesex, UK) on